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2 August 2019

Python 2.7 input? /bin/bash !!

by Xh4H

input function has been used widely. As the name states, it allows a program to ask for user input and save it to a variable, let’s have a look at an example:

It is important to note that there exists raw_input, int_input as well.

A common issue is using input when you want to receive a number. int_input should be used instead.

Now, let’s go with the “vulnerability”. input function would be equivalent to eval(raw_input(prompt)), therefore we can evaluate code.

Following with the code above, a random number gets generated, and we have 1/10 possibilities to guess it. We could bruteforce until we guess it, or use the “eval” utility as follows:

Since python evaluates our input, we can call any function or variable in the current scope.

We can also use this to get a shell.

Please note how we did not get any print like Congratulations! or Wrong! Try again later :(, that’s because our code got evaluated and opened a shell before following with the code execution.

Interesting, huh?

Second part of this post here.

Thanks for reading :)

tags: python - proof-of-concept - shell - input - vulnerability